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Information for freshers, transfer students and newcomers

  • Students run to the stands.

    Welcome to Faculty 2 Biology/ Chemistry!

    We would like to congratulate you on registering at the University of Bremen and hope your studies here get off to a good start.

Orientiation week at the beginning of winter term

As a newcomer to Faculty 2 you will have to take part in a fire drill, enter your name in our emailing list – Bioliste or Chemieliste -  register in Stud.IP, and take part in the orientation week at the start of the semester. Transfer students from other universities and students switching subjects should apply to have their previous studies recognized.


hand presses trigger of a portable fire extinguisher

Lab safety and fire prevention workshop

Please note that a safety instruction /briefing with a consecutive fire drill is mandatory. Without proof of attendance you are not allowed to work in the labs!
Please wear for fire drill shoes and clothing against rain.

Transfer students from the University of Bremen who have already got a proof of attendance from the University of Bremen don't have to repeat the fire prevention workshop. Any other transfer students have to take part in the fire prevention workshop.

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student wearing safety glasses

Safety at work in lab

The lecture "safety at work in the lab" is obligatory for all Bachelor's Biology - full major and teacher education. It is complemented by a lab tour.

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Fire drill - what to do in case of illness

Dr. Maxie Hesse
Referat 02 Arbeitssicherheit
maxie.hesseprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
+49 (0) 421 218 60133

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Learning partnership

We provide 3 CP for intercultural learning!

The participating students have to

  • attend 3 obligatory fixed dates and
  • meet and learn together on a regular basis in the first term of study.

Find out more about this special offer in the orientation week!

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Mathematics for Biologists

Support in mathematics for bachelor's full major

online placement test Chemistry:
Wednesday, October 16, 2019
13:30 test center

online placement test Biology:
Wednesday, October 16 ,2019
14:15 test center

October 26/ 27, 2019: brush-up course in Mathematics
Eastern 2020: 3-day exercise
July 1920: 3-day workshop

Find out more about this support in the orientation week!

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