Research-based learning

Hallmark of Bachelor Biology – Research-based learning

The University of Bremen supports Faculty 2 with a 2-year project aimed at strengthening concepts of research-based learning in the Bachelor Biology program.

Here, research-based learning is taken to mean research-oriented studies in which three aspects especially stand out; namely, students learn how to conduct scientific work, they are integrated in ongoing research, and experience themselves as real researchers conducting their own experiments and projects.

The project aims are

  • to appropriate the Bachelor Biology program under the aspect of research-based learning,
  • to better integrate existing elements of research-based learning across all modules, and
  • to introduce new elements of research-based learning.

Contact persons

PDDr. Annette Kolb
Project Coordination

Dr. Jana Seeger
NW2, Room B 1253
phone (0421) 218-63076


In cooperation with the section Biology didactics belonging to the Institute for Science Didactics.