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General Psychology

Welcome to the homepage of the work group General Psychology at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Bremen.



In general psychology we are dealing with all people common processes of perception, cognition, emotion and motivation.

Our research focuses on researching how people make judgments and decisions. To do so, we explore what information humans use to make decisions and what cognitive strategies they use to integrate that information. In particular, we are interested in how judgment and decision-making processes are related to memory processes, how these processes change over the lifespan, and what implications these processes have for applied decisions.

If you would like to know more about our working group, you will find information about the team members in the Team section. In the research section, we present our main research areas. In the section Teaching you will find information about our courses and possible topics for qualification work.

Our homepage is still under construction but we are working on filling them with information!


"When the eyes have it and when not: How multiple sources of activation combine to guide eye movements during multiattribute decision making" by A. Rosner, M. Schaffner and B. Helversen was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
The article "A cognitive category-learning model of rule abstraction, attention learning, and contextual modulation" by R. Schlegelmilch, A.J. Wills and B. Helversen was published in the Psychological Review.

A Linear threshold model for optimal stopping behaviorvon Christiane Baumann (University of Zurich), Henrik Singmann (University of Warwick) und Samuel J. Gershman (Harvard University) und Bettina von Helversen (University of Bremen) has been published.

Due to the measures to protect against the spread of the corona virus, no face-to-face events or consultation hours are currently possible. The teaching takes place as online teaching. Consultation hours are possible as video chat. Please contact the lecturers or Ms. Eisenstein for an appointment.

On March 1st, 2020 Dr. Daniel Bratzke began his service as a lecturer at the Institute of Psychology. We would like to welcome Dr. Bratzke in our Team and look forward to a good cooperation!

Current publications: