General Psychology

Welcome to the homepage of the work group General Psychology at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Bremen.



In general psychology we are dealing with all people common processes of perception, cognition, emotion and motivation.

Our research focuses on researching how people make judgments and decisions. To do so, we explore what information humans use to make decisions and what cognitive strategies they use to integrate that information. In particular, we are interested in how judgment and decision-making processes are related to memory processes, how these processes change over the lifespan, and what implications these processes have for applied decisions.

If you would like to know more about our working group, you will find information about the team members in the Team section. In the research section, we present our main research areas. In the section Teaching you will find information about our courses and possible topics for qualification work.



Baumann, C., Schlegelmilch, R., & von Helversen, B. (2022). Adaptive behaviour in optimal sequential search. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. Advance online publication. has been published.

Aubert, A., Lienert, J., & von Helversen, B. (2022). Gamified environmental multi-criteria decision analysis: Information on objectives and range insensitivity bias. International Transactions in Operational Research. has been published.

Bratzke, D., & Bryce, D. (2022). Timing of internal processes: Investigating introspection about the costs of task switching and memory search. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics,  84,1501–150.

The following article by Ludwig Danwitz has been published: Danwitz, L., Mathar, D., Smith, E. et al. Parameter and Model Recovery of Reinforcement Learning Models for Restless Bandit Problems. Comput Brain Behav (2022).

From 08.07. - 10.07.2022 the 11th doctoral workshop in general psychology will take place in the COGNIUM of the University of Bremen. It was organized by Ludwig Danwitz, Talke Blaser, Lea Eichfelder, Valentin Koob, Ann-Katrin Hosch and Vedant Shah from the working groups Helversen and Janczyk. You can find more information on the "A-Dok" website.

A new scientific paper has been published: De Clercq, E., Grotzer, M., Landolt, M. A., von Helversen, B., Flury, M., Rössler, J., ... & Streuli, J. (2022). No wrong decisions in an all‐wrong situation. A qualitative study on the lived experiences of families of children with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Pediatric Blood & Cancer, e29792.

We would like to welcome Ms. Vivienne Poirot in our working group. Ms. Poirot is a student assistant in our team since May 1st. 2022.


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