Cogsci 24: We congratulate Ann-Katrin Hosch, Ludwig Danwitz, Vedant Shah and René Schlegelmilch on the acceptance of their papers "Category Learning in Context: Modelling an Assimilation Process in Self-regulated Category Learning", "Framing the Exploration-Exploitation Trade-Off: Distinguishing Between Minimizing Losses and Maximizing Gains", "XOR in Order: Category Learning of Exclusive-Or in a Temporal Sequence" und "Reward Count(s): Negative Recency in Probabilistic Experience-Based Learning"  as full papers at COGSCI 2024 in Rotterdam.


Team Bowling
  • Rosner, A., Brändli, F., & von Helversen, B. (2024). Eye movements as a tool to investigate exemplar retrieval in judgments. Judgment and Decision Making. 19, e8. has been published. 


  • Oberauer, K., & Lin, H.-Y. (2023). An interference model for visual and verbal working memory. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition. Advance online publication.


  • Hosch, A.-K., Wirtz, P., & von Helversen, B. (2023). Prior Experience of Variability Influences Generalization of Unspecified Categories. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. has been published.


  • Lin, H.-Y. and von Helversen, B. (2023), Never gonna give you up even when it is suboptimal. Cognitive Science47: e13323. has been published. 


  • Open Campus 2023 - The team of the AG General Psychology has presented our research on decision psychology at the Open Campus of the University of Bremen on June 24th.


  • Seitz, F., I., von Helversen, B., Albrecht, R., Rieskamp, J., & Jarecki, J. (2023). Testing three coping strategies for time pressure in categorizations and similarity judgments. Cognition, 233, 105358. has been published.

  • Bratzke, D., Bryce, D. (2022). Subjective estimates of total processing time in dual-tasking: (some) good news for bad introspection. Psychological Research. has been published.

  • Baumann, C., Schlegelmilch, R., & von Helversen, B. (2022). Adaptive behaviour in optimal sequential search. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. Advance online publication. has been published.

  • Aubert, A., Lienert, J., & von Helversen, B. (2022). Gamified environmental multi-criteria decision analysis: Information on objectives and range insensitivity bias. International Transactions in Operational Research. has been published.

  • Bratzke, D., & Bryce, D. (2022). Timing of internal processes: Investigating introspection about the costs of task switching and memory search. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics,  84,1501–150. has been published.


  • The following article by Ludwig Danwitz has been published: Danwitz, L., Mathar, D., Smith, E. et al. Parameter and Model Recovery of Reinforcement Learning Models for Restless Bandit Problems. Comput Brain Behav (2022).


  • On June 9th 2022 members of the working groups Helversen and Janczyk had a fun night at a bowling alley in Findorff.


  • June: A new scientific paper has been published: De Clercq, E., Grotzer, M., Landolt, M. A., von Helversen, B., Flury, M., Rössler, J., ... & Streuli, J. (2022). No wrong decisions in an all‐wrong situation. A qualitative study on the lived experiences of families of children with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Pediatric Blood & Cancer, e29792.



  • The following publications of members our working group have been published:
    • Rydzewska, K., Koscielniak, M., von Helversen, B., & Sedek, G. (2022). Age differences in complex decision making and judgment. In G. Sedek, T. Hess & D. Touron (Eds). Multiple Pathways of Cognitive Aging: Motivational and Contextual Influences (203-234). New York, NY: Oxford University Press
    • Rosner, A., Basieva, I., Barque-Duran, A., Gloeckner, A., von Helversen, B., Khrennikov, A., & Pothos E. (2022). Ambivalence in Decision Making: An Eye Tracking Study. Cognitive Psychology,134, 101464. 
    • Lin, H.-Y., & Oberauer, K. (2022). An interference model for visual working memory: Applications to the change detection task. Cognitive Psychology, 133, 101463.
  • October: Congratulations! Dr. René Schlegelmilch took 2nd place in the 12th dissertation competition of the General Psychology Department.
  • April: Due to the measures to protect against the spread of the corona virus, no face-to-face events or office hours are currently possible. The teaching takes place as online teaching. Office hours are possible as video chat. Please contact the lecturers or Mrs. Eisenstein for an appointment.
  • 01.03.2020: On March 1st, 2020 Dr. Daniel Bratzke began his service as a lecturer at the Institute of Psychology. We would like to welcome Dr. Bratzke in our Team and look forward to a good cooperation!
  • 25.11.2019: We congratulate René on the successful defense of his dissertation "The Interaction between Reward Magnitude and the Processes of Category Abstraction Learning"!
  • 21.11.2019: Publication „Unstacking Judgment: What response distributions reveal about the cognitive processes in multi-cue judgment“ has been released. Albrecht, R., Hoffmann, J.A., Pleskac, T., Rieskamp, J., & von Helversen, B. (2019). Unstacking Judgment: What response distributions reveal about the cognitive processes in multi-cue judgment. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition. doi: 10.1037/xlm0000772
  • 01.11.19: We warmly welcome Carina Hartz to our General Psychology Team. Carina will support us as a student assistant.
  • 01.10.2019 We welcome our colleague Renè Schlegelmilch into our team. René comes to us from the University of Zurich where he is about to complete his doctoral thesis on category learning.
  • September 2019: Publication „Memory shapesjudgments: Tracinghowmemory biases judgments byinducing the retrieval of exemplarshas been released.
Rosner, A., & von Helversen B. (2019). Memory shapes judgments: Tracing how memory biases judgments by inducing the retrieval of exemplars. Cognition, 190, 165-169.