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Prof. Dr. Philipp Genschel

Professor of Public Policy
Institute of Intercultural and International Studies (InIIS),
University of Bremen

Public Policy, Regional Integration, and International Institutions

“Most new ideas are bad ideas” said James March, my advisor at Stanford University. This is fundamentally why I value collaborative research. Some of my personal research collaborations have run for more than a decade, and often with rather diverse collaborators. This experience informs my vision for GlobaLab: a fast breeder for new ideas that brings scholars from diverse backgrounds together in an environment that is high trust and high challenge both at the same time. Substantially, I am eager to combine my expertise in the analysis of public policies from a global perspective with my recent interest in cross-border solidarity in GlobaLab’s RA 3.

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Prof. Dr. Patrick Sachweh

Professor of Comparative Sociology
SOCIUM, University of Bremen

Comparative Sociology and Social Inequality

My research investigates the values and justice orientations that serve to maintain patterns of inequality as well as the potentials for solidarity and conflict that arise from these inequalities. I apply a range of qualitative and quantitative methods, seeking to combine both where appropriate. After having studied attitudes towards solidarity in national and cross-national perspective over the last years, I have come to believe that research on solidarity needs to involve a transnational perspective. GlobaLab would allow me to expand the scope of my research to a global level. I am especially keen to contribute to the design of large-scale surveys on global solidarity together with our partners across different world regions.

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Prof. Dr. Kerstin Martens

Professor of International Relations
Institute of Intercultural and International Studies (InIIS),
University of Bremen

International Relations and Global Social Governance

In my research, I analyze how global social issues can be addressed through institutionalized forms of global governance. My research focuses intensely on international organizations and international civil society actors and on how they address and advance topics around global public policies, such as human rights, humanitarian aid, education policy, and more recently, also health-related issues. Questions of diversity and justice are important yardsticks for GlobaLab as well as in my contributions and empirical analyses, relying on a mix of advanced social science research methods. With my research foci and approach, I will primarily contribute to works in RA 3, which deals with forms of Institutionalizing global solidarity.

Research fellows and project coordination

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Dr. Caterina Bonora

Dr. Caterina Bonora has been on the team as project coordinator since March 2023. She is a trained political scientist and holds a PhD from the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences. Her research focus there was transitional and transformative justice in the post-Yugoslav space. Besides her involvement in the Cluster, she also works as a managing director at the Institute of European Studies of the University of Bremen.

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Dr. Judith Vey

Dr. Judith Vey is a sociologist with a focus on social movements, migration, and political theory. As a research associate at the SOCIUM and the Academic Coordinator of the Bremen International Graduate School for Social Sciences BIGSSS, she acts as the academic interface to the social science research institutes of the university. She also takes on supporting activities in the current cluster application of the UB social sciences in the Excellence Initiative by supporting the Cluster Initiative in content-related and organizational issues. For example, she is responsible for the lecture series “Bremen Conversations on Global Solidarity”.


Dr. Melisa Ross

Dr. Melisa Ross joined the team in January 2024. She obtained her PhD in Political Science at the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Her research focuses on social groups and vulnerability in Latin America, citizen participation and deliberative democracy, and global governance of wicked problems. She is Co-Lead of the Global Citizens’ Assemblies Network (GloCAN) and curates Social Policy Worldwide. She is tasked with supporting the Cluster’s international network of partners and collaborators and with the ongoing development of the lecture series Bremen Conversations on Global Solidarity.

Involved Researchers

(in alphabetical order)

GlobaLab brings together an interdisciplinary team of researchers with backgrounds in Political Science, Sociology, History, Anthropology, Geography, Media & Communication Studies, and Economics. GlobaLab researchers are experts in the analysis of discourses, political behavior and institutions, respectively. They pool significant complementary expertise for the study of the conditions of global solidarity.

Berens, Sarah

Professor of Global Social Policy, SOCIUM, University of Bremen, Welfare State in the Global South

Bleischwitz, Raimund

Professor of Global Sustainable Resources, Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) and Bremen University, Comparative Policies and Sustainable Resource Governance

Blom, Annelies G.

Professor of Sociology, Quantitative Methods of Empirical Social Research, SOCIUM, University of Bremen, Social Data Science and Comparative Survey Methods

Gonzales de Reufels, Delia

Professor of Latin American History, University of Bremen, Latin American History and the History of Social Policy

Groh-Samberg, Olaf

Professor of Sociology, SOCIUM, University of Bremen, Social Inequality and Social Cohesion

Haunss, Sebastian

Professor, Head of Research Group Social Conflicts, SOCIUM, University of Bremen, Social Movements, Global Health Policy, and Computational Social Science

Hepp, Andreas

Professor of Media and Communications, Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research (ZeMKI), University of Bremen, Media, Communications and Mediatization Research

Hollstein, Betina

Professor of Sociology, SOCIUM and Qualiservice, University of Bremen, Social Networks and Qualitative Methods

Hunger, Sophia

Assistant Professor of Computational Social Sciences, SOCIUM, University of Bremen, Computational Social Science


Professor of Sociological Theory, SOCIUM, University of Bremen, Social Theory and Political Sociology 

Manow, Philip

Professor of Comparative Political Economy, SOCIUM, University of Bremen, Comparative Political Economy and Political Theory

Muehlebach, Andrea

Professor of Maritime Anthropology and Cultures of Water, Department of Anthropology and Cultural Research, University of Bremen, Anthropologies of Welfare, Citizenship, and Resource Extraction

Obinger, Herbert

Professor of Comparative Public and Social Policy, SOCIUM, University of Bremen, Public Policy and Comparative Social Policy

Pleines, Heiko

Professor, Vice Director, Head of the Dept. of Politics and Economics, Research Centre for East European Studies (FSO) and University of Bremen, Comparative Politics and Social Policy Making

Rabe, Wiebke

Assistant Professor of International Relations, Institute of Intercultural and International Studies (InIIS), University of Bremen, International Relations and Resource Policy

Scherger, Simone

Professor of Sociology, SOCIUM, University of Bremen, Social Policy and Life Courses

Schlichte, Klaus

Professor of International Relations and World Society, Institute of Intercultural and International Studies (InIIS), University of Bremen, International Relations and Global Political Sociology

Schmidt, Susanne K.

Professor of Policy Analysis, Institute of Intercultural and International Studies (InIIS), University of Bremen, Judicial Politics and Public Policy

Schulz, Wiebke

Assistant Professor of Sociology, especially Social Inequality, SOCIUM, University of Bremen, Social Inequality and Dynamics of Stratification

Torp, Cornelius

Professor of Modern History, Department of History, University of Bremen, History of Solidarity and History of the Welfare State

Tuitjer, Leonie

Assistant Professor of Human Geography, Sustainability Research Center (artec), University of Bremen, Social Geography and Migration

Windzio, Michael

Professor of Sociology, Migration and Urban Research, SOCIUM, University of Bremen, Global Migration and Network Analysis