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Bürgermeister Dr. Andreas Bovenschulte spricht vor den Mitarbeitenden der Universität Bremen

University of Bremen Excellence Cluster Teams Visit the City Hall

Mayor Dr. Andreas Bovenschulte and Kathrin Moosdorf, Senator for the Environment, Climate, and Science, honored the work of the Excellence Cluster teams at the University of Bremen at a senate reception. The cluster applications have shown how competitive the scientific landscape in Bremen is.

Die Cyanobakterien in den Händen des Doktoranden Tiago Ramalho stehen im Mittelpunkt der Forschung an der Universität Bremen zu Lebenserhaltungssystemen für ein (Über)leben auf dem Mars.

On a Mars Mission: From Cyanobacteria to Bioplastics

Self-sufficiency on Mars - Survival Starts with Cyanobacteria.

Jess Bunchek im Gewächshaus

Plants Would Listen to Harry Potter

Botanist Jess Bunchek lived in Antarctica for 14 months. She talks to up2date. about her adventurous life as a scientist.

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Humans on Mars - Bremen Children's University enters the next round

In March, geophysicist Dr. Christiane Heinicke moved from the habitat at ZARM to the lecture hall to talk about Mars and the possibilities of living there instead of conducting research.

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Science goes Public - The human element of growing plants in the unlikeliest of places

Astrobotanist Jess Bunchek meets bar guests - an exciting insight into her research in an also unusual place.

Grafic of Astronauts on Mars next to solar panels

Bremen Materials Science Clear First Hurdle on the Way to Excellence Funding

"With the Martian perspective, we will rethink the production of materials under the premise of resource scarcity." 'The Martian Mindset: A Scarcity-Driven Engineering Paradigm' has achieved initial success.

Katharina Brinkert

Breathing in Space: Artificial Photosynthesis as a Key Technology?

Dr. Katharina Brinkert explains how her research might not only open up new perspectives for space travel, but also offers promising ways to generate energy more efficiently on Earth.

MAPEX News| MAPEX Presse|

STEM camp for pupils

Students from Delmenhorst Max-Planck-Gymnasium tried out science in theory and practice at the University of Bremen.

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Space Tech Expo Europe 2023

The Humans on Mars initiative attended at Space Tech Expo Europe for the second time from November 14 to 16, 2023.

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Science goes Public – Green microbes for the red planet

Dr. Cyprien Verseux from ZARM (Center of Applied Space Technology and Mircogravity) about his work for Humans on Mars.

Manuel Meder standing next to Amrita Suresh

Science goes Public - Intelligent colonization through robotic support

Amrita Suresh and Manuel Meder talked about their work in space robotics in collaboration with the Robotics Innovation Center (RIC) of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

Bild der Doppelseite aus dem Impact-Magazin

Survival on Mars

Aggressive space radiation, a toxic atmosphere, temperatures averaging minus 65 degrees Celsius. Scientists Christiane Heinicke and Katharina Koschek explain what they are researching in the science magazine "Impact".

Mars Installation, Kulturkirche St. Stephani, Bremen

3 rooms, kitchen, Mars?

"Mars findet Stadt" in the Kulturkirche St. Stephani, with a lecture by Lucio Colombi Ciacchi and Christian Peters

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Learning from Mars to protect Earth

"Mars findet Stadt" in the Kulturkirche St. Stephani, with a lecture by Christiane Heinicke (ZARM), member of the Humans on Mars initative

Habitats for Humans on Mars - Bremen Human Space Exploration Seminar

As part of the "Space Exploration Seminar", Dr.-Ing. Christiane Heinicke presents her research on how humans live, work and, above all, survive on Mars.

Tiny robots exploring the martian surface

Humans on Mars at Open Campus at the University of Bremen

Lectures, lab visits and open-air concerts: from June 23 to 24, OPEN CAMPUS at the University of Bremen was very busy with about 20,000 guests. Humans on Mars was there this year with its own pagoda.

Members of the initiative inside the MaMBA habitat with Christiane Heinicke

Humans on Mars Plenary Meeting

For the fourth time, all members of the initiative came together, this time on the facilities of the Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM).

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Workshop: Phenomenology of human-technology relation - 6 -7 July 2023

When we move away from the commonly held modern view of technology as a simple and neutral tool for achieving goals, known as technological instrumentalism, we are left with an important question about our relationship with technology: if it is not simply a means to an end, what is the true nature…

Girls visiting the MaMBA habitat at ZARM, University Bremen

Girls´ Day 2023

On April 27th, three female students visited MAPEX and immersed themselves in the world of Mars research.

Marc Avila in front of his youngest students.

Knowledge transfer with Marc Avila at the Children's University

These students were the youngest yet in his lecture hall: science first-hand for the children on the topic of "Humans on Mars" at the University of Bremen.

Marc Avila in front of a screen, welcomes the guests

Humans on Mars Plenary Meeting

For the third time since the kick-off in July 2022, all members of the Humans on Mars initiative met.

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Space Tech Expo EU 2022 in Bremen

The Humans on Mars initiative was present for the first time at Space Tech Expo EU 2022. From November 15 to 17, visitors were able to visit us at booth K35 at Messe Bremen and engage in direct exchange with our researchers.

But not only the research topics of Humans on Mars were discussed, many…

Bremen's mayor Dr. Andreas Bovenschulte visits the "Humans on Mars" initiative at ZARM

Mayor Dr. Andreas Bovenschulte was at ZARM on November 23, 2022 to visit the project team of "Humans on Mars". He was here to learn about the interdisciplinary team's research.

Marc Avila opens the meeting

2nd. Humans on Mars Plenary Meeting

The members of the Humans on Mars initiative met at the University of Bremen in November 2022.

four presenters with auditorium

Pathways to a long-term sustainable exploration

Mankind's dream of flying to Mars is about to come true: various countries are working at full speed on the technical implementation and are undercutting each other with targeted launch dates. But to be successful on Mars, humans must manage to live there largely independently of Earth. In the…

Daniel Vrankar and Ksenia Appelganc with Sarah Ryglewski at the IAC 2022

Humans on Mars at International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2022

This year, the world’s biggest astronautical congress IAC was hosted from Sunday 18th till Thursday 22nd of September at the Paris Convention Centre.

Dr. Cyprien Verseux with Cyanobacteria at ZARM

'buten un binnen' visits Humans on Mars

buten un binnen, the regional magazine of Radio Bremen, was a guest at the University of Bremen.

The four guests of the panel discussion with Hanna Lührs.

Panel discussion 'Exploring Space: Human versus Machine'

On September 5, 2022, a panel discussion was held at Universum Bremen, moderated by Hanna Lührs.

Kick Off Event: Humans on Mars

Around 60 researchers participated in the kick-off event of the ‘Humans on Mars’-Initiative at the Haus der Wissenschaft in Bremen on July 8th, 2022. Coming from eight different faculties of the University of Bremen and four research institutes, they all work together to address the question of what…


Humans on Mars: Pathways Toward Sustainable Settlement

Press release of the University of Bremen / 05.07.22 Kai Uwe Bohn. Is sustainable human exploration of Mars possible? How will humans affect the new environment? Around 60 researchers from the University of Bremen and other institutes are investigating these questions as part of an initiative.

Science goes Public

SCIENCE GOES PUBLIC! Learning from insects

Kirsten Tracht gives insights into her research by participating in the lively and varied program of Science goes PUBlic

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SCIENCE GOES PUBLIC! 6G for Earth and Space

Entertaining science in an inspiring 30 minutes was offered by Armin Dekorsy in the well-attended Bremen pub "Gastfeld".


University of Bremen Involved in Mars Simulation

Press release University of Bremen, 03.11.21 Kai Uwe Bohn. AMADEE-20: That is the name of the simulated Mars mission of the Austrian Space Forum, which was carried out in the Israeli Negev Desert. More than 25 experiments were carried out there.