IERP Seminar

The IERP Seminar allows different working groups of the institute to get together and exchange ideas. At the beginning and end of each semester, organizational matters are clarified, new staff members have the opportunity to introduce themselves, and guests, lectures and conferences are announced. The other dates are open to every member of the institute to discuss new ideas, models or scientific publications in order to get constructive feedback from colleagues. The seminar usually takes place every Wednesday during the lecture period at 16:00 in room F 2330 in the WiWi2 building, and everyone is allowed to attend.

For this semester (WiSe 2023/2024), seminar presenters can choose between the modes online and offline.

Weekly Wed 16:00 - 18:00 hrs (room F 2330 in the WiWi2 building).

The current program with information about the already scheduled presentations and remaining open slots can be found here.

For an invitation to the online seminars or if you have further questions about the seminar, please contact: 


Economic Colloquium

The Economic Colloquium is a lecture series in which renowned researchers from various fields of economics are guests and present their work at our institute.

The poster for the current semester can be found here.

07.11.2023 Moritz Drupp (University of Hamburg) − tba

14.11.2023 Ekaterina Borisova (Universitéde Lille) − Domestic Violence in Russia: New Shocks or Historical Legacies?

21.11.2023 Holger Rau (University of Göttingen) − The Economic Effects of Remote-Bargaining vs. in-Person Bargaining

28.11.2023 Giang Nghiem (Leibniz University Hannover) − Anchoring Household’s Inflation Expectations when Inflation is High

05.12.2023 Meruyert Tatkeyeva (NazarbayevUniversity) − The Russian world, export of propaganda and social media

12.12.2023 Bermond Scoggins (Australian National University) − How Malleable Are Voters' Democratic Preferences: A Systematic Review of the Experimental and Quasi-experimental Evidence Across Democracies

16.01.2024 Johannes Marzian (IfWKiel) − Government spending under the microscope

23.01.2024 Martin Kalthaus (University of Southern Denmark) − Estimating replicator dynamics in the Danish wind turbine industry

30.01.2024 Timo Trimborn (Aarhus University) − tba


For questions about the Economic Colloquium, contact: