Two new articles by Philipp Genschel on European security institutions and the Ukraine War

Our new InIIS member Philipp Genschel has co-published two new articles that deal with more recent dynamics of institutionalization of EU security, as, for example, triggered by Russia's attack on Ukraine.

In this new piece in the Journal of European Integration, Philipp discusses, together with Lauren Leek and Jordy Weyns, the several ways in which the Ukraine war has triggered further institutionalizations of security frameworks in the European Union.

Philipp Genschel, Lauren Leek & Jordy Weyns (2023) War and integration.
The Russian attack on Ukraine and the institutional development of the EU, Journal of
European Integration, 45:3, 343-360, DOI: 10.1080/07036337.2023.2183397


In the Journal of European Public Policy, Philipp and Markus Jachtenfuchs address European security from a more state theory oriented perspective and discuss how regulatory state capacities are linked to an existing positive state and claim that the rise of the regulatory security state over the past three decades reflects highly specific historical conditions rather than a general trend.

Philipp Genschel & Markus Jachtenfuchs (2023) The security state in
Europe: regulatory or positive?, Journal of European Public Policy, 30:7, 1447-1457, DOI: