[Translate to English:] Rebalancing the Enlarged Single Market (RESiM)

EU Binnenmarkt

RESiM is a cooperation project between the University of Salzburg and the University of Bremen. In this project, social readjustment in the enlarged European Single Market is investigated with a focus on different forms of atypical employment: marginal employment, bogus self-employment and posting. For this purpose, three old (Germany, France and Austria) and two new EU member states (Poland and Slovenia) will be analyzed to find out which new social compromises can be made and where the challenges for this lie.

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Project members

Josephine Assmus, Michael Blauberger (Uni Salzburg), Christina Grabbe, Anita Heindlmaier (Uni Salzburg), Susanne K. Schmidt

Project related publications

Blauberger, Michael; Heindlmaier, Anita; Hofmarcher, Paul; Assmus, Josephine; Mitter, Birgit (2021). 'The differentiated politicization of free movement of people in the EU. A topic model analysis of press coverage in Austria, Germany, Poland and the UK', Journal of European Public Policy, doi.org/10.1080/13501763.2021.1986118.

Lubow, Alexis; Schmidt, Susanne (2019). 'A hidden champion? The European Court of Justice as an agenda-setter in the case of posted workers'. Public Administration, doi:10.1111/padm.12643.