The theater hall is located between the street car stop “Universität Zentralbereich” and the ground-floor entrance to the Mensa [dining hall] next to the miniature lake called Mensasee.

Cyclists …
… can lock their bicycles onto one of the stands in front of the ground-floor Mensa entrance at Mensasee, directly opposite the Theatersaal.

Arriving by bus or street car …
… take street car no. 6 or buses nos. 21, 22, 28 or 31. Exit at the stop called Universität Zentralbereich and cross over the street-car tracks to then turn left when you come to the Theatersaal wall painting in the entrance way to the Mensa dining hall. Only a few steps farther along the passageway to the Mensa you will find the entrance to Theatersaal on your right hand side just before the Mensa entrance.

Arriving by car …
… leave your car on the large (paying) parking lot in Bibliothekstraße, just off Universitätsallee. Then walk towards the street car stop Universität Zentralbereich, where you cross over the tracks in the direction of the Mensa dining hall. You then come to the entrance to Theatersaal on the right, just a few steps in front of the ground-floor Mensa entrance.

Aerial view