The theater hall "Theatersaal"

Bösendorfer Flügel im Theatersaal

The theater hall and its concerts

Originally intended and built for theater, the theater hall is now used for cultural events of all kinds. Music plays a central role in it. Concerts with music of all kinds take place every Tuesday afternoon. The admission to the concerts is free. 

Wandbild "Theatersaal" mit Umgebung

The mural

Upon arrival at the tram stop "Universität / Zentralbereich", guests are immediately greeted by the large-format mural "Theatersaal", which shows the way to the theater hall. It was created by the graduate designer and master student of the UdK Berlin, Niels Schröder.

Frau mit Fächer aus dem Wandbild "Theatersaal"


If you want to know something in retrospective about someone who has been onstage since the summer semester of 2018, you can look up this alphabetical list (only available in German). 

Esel aus dem Wandbild „Theatersaal"


And if you would like to find out more about an ensemble that has been on the stage of the theater hall since the summer semester of 2018, you can look up this alphabetical list (only available in German).