The concert hall

The theater hall and its concerts

The hall

The theater is located in the middle of the University next to the cafeteria lake. The hall is a worthy home for the Bösendorfer grand piano, which purchase was possible thanks to a significant donation from Mariann Steegmann.

The hall was originally built for theater. However, today it is available for cultural events of all kinds. It offers 153 seats in nine rows of 17 seats each and the semi-circular stage can accommodate a rectangle of 10 x 3m or 8 x 4m.

Wandbild "Theatersaal" mit Umgebung
Wandbild "Theatersaal" mit Umgebung


The theater hall is located on the right side of the passage from the tram stop Universität / Zentralbereich to the cafeteria. At the tram stop, a big and colorful mural indicates the way to the hall.

Here you can find more detailed directions

The concerts

Concerts for smaller ensembles are performed at regular intervals throughout the semester. They vary from solo performances up to groups of eight or nine musicians and cover virtually all musical genres, including classical, tango, jazz, rock, pop, and ethnic music from all over the world. The concerts are performed by students and teaching staff of the University of Bremen as well as by guest performers from Bremen and all over the world. Ideas and feedback are warmly encouraged and welcome at all times.

The lunch hour concerts 

Informal lunchtime concerts are held in the theater hall every Tuesday at the popular time from 12.30 p.m. till 12.55 p.m., during which members of the audience are welcome to (quietly) eat their packed lunches. Admittance to these concerts is free!


The current concert can be found on the start page. If you want to get an overview of the concerts of the entire semester, you can click on the menu item "Semesterübersicht" (This information is only available in German). You can also download the current flyer [PDF] (875 KB). If you want to know who has appeared in the theater during the past semesters and which concerts have taken place, you can click on "Künstler*innen", "Ensembles" or "Semesterübersicht". 

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History of the concert series

The former director of musicial activities at the University of Bremen ("Universitätsmusikdirektorin"), Dr. Susanne Gläß, founded two series of weekly concerts on the campus in April 2000: firstly a series of short lunch hour concerts every Tuesday and secondly a series of full-length concerts on Thursday evenings or Sunday afternoons. From April 2000 to December 2002, both series of concerts took place regularly in the festival hall of the University library. In 2003,  the festival hall was converted into a test centre for electronic exams and from then on concerts were no longer possible there.

Susanne Gläß initiated that the theater hall of the University was rebuilt to give room for the worthy Bösendorfer grand piano. In April 2006, the concert series could be resumed in the new premises.

From April 2000 to February 2009 René Doebler had assisted Susanne Gläß to stage the concerts. In March 2009, he was followed by Jan-Hendrik von Stemm. When in April 2010 his position was extended, Susanne Gläß could hand over the organisation of the concerts to Jan-Hendrik von Stemm. She still kept monitoring and accompanying the concept, its implementation and the financing as a whole. 

2014, the series of full-length concerts on evenings and Sunday afternoons was abandoned due to small interest of the audience. In contrast, the lunch hour concerts flourish and continue to attract larger audiences each season.

Bremer Hund aus dem Wandbild „Theatersaal"
Bremer Hund aus dem Wandbild „Theatersaal"


The concerts in the theater hall are supported by the University of Bremen. Anyone who would like to support the concerts can do so with a donation "Förderung der Konzerte im Theatersaal" to the Förderverein Universitätsmusik an der Universität Bremen e. V. . 

Supervision of concerts and contact person

The first person you should contact for everything concerning the concerts in the theater is Jan-Hendrik von Stemm.

Jan-Hendrik von Stemm
University of Bremen
Post Box 330 440
28334 Bremen
GW1 A 0035 (across the road from the Universum Science Center)
Phone: 0421-218-60109





Conception & responsibility for the musical events

Director of Musical Activities of the University of Bremen
University of Bremen
Post Box 330 440
28334 Bremen GW1 A 0035 (across the road from the Universum Science Center)
Phone: 0421-218-60109




Social media

If you want, you can also get weekly information about the concerts via Mail or Twitter