Mariano Chiacchiarini
Mariano Chiacchiarini

Director of University Music Mariano Chiacchiarini

As an "Universitätsmusikdirektor" Mariano Chiacchiarini is the director of musical activities on the campus. He organizes the musical life of the university for students and staff. His responsibilities are:

  • Organising concerts in the auditorium (“Theatersaal”) of the University of Bremen

  • Directing the University of Bremen orchestra and choir

  • Organising music seminars on topics relating to the joint projects of orchestra & choir. These are specifically geared towards students of the subject areas General studies and Professional Development/Key Skills Qualification as well as to students of Cultural Studies (module M8/9).

  • Coordinating music-related activities for students of all schools and departments

  • Providing guidance for staff of the university relating to the organisation of any musical event

More Material may be found on the page "conductor".



Mariano Chiacchiarini
Office: GW1, A 0035
Postal address: Universität Bremen, Universitätsmusik (), Postfach 330 440, 28334 Bremen
Tel. 0421-218 60109

Jan-Hendrik von Stemm
Jan-Hendrik von Stemm

University Music administration: Jan-Hendrik von Stemm

The first contact person for everything concerning the concerts in the theater is Jan-Hendrik von Stemm. He is an administrative assistant in the area of University Music. He plans and supervises the concert series in the University’s theater hall  and is responsible for the administration of University Music. All purchases and payment processes are in his hands; for example for advertising, hall rental, sheet music rental, instrument rental and transport, piano tunings and solo-voice fees. He organizes ticket sales for concerts and public relations events.


Office: GW1, A 0035
Postal address: University of Bremen, University Music (GW1), PO Box 330 440, 28334 Bremen
Phone: 0421-218 60 109
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