Economic Colloquium in Winter Term 2023/2024

In the Winter Term 2023/2024 the Economic Colloquium will take place in presence. Every Tuesday from 16:15 to 17:45 lectures will take place, which can be attended on campus in room F4090 (WiWi2). The first lecture, held by Moritz Drupp (University of Hamburg), will take place on November 07. To…

Angelina Hackmann receives the "Sonderpreises der Deutschen Bundesbank für wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Abschlussarbeiten"

We are very pleased that our former doctoral student and current employee at the Leibniz Institute SAFE in Frankfurt, Dr. Hackmann, has been awarded this year's "Sonderpreises der Deutschen Bundesbank für wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Abschlussarbeiten". The prize underlines the excellent…

Journal of Macroeconomics

New Publication: Subsistence Consumption and Natural Resource Depletion: Can resource-rich low-income countries realize sustainable consumption paths?

The paper titled "Subsistence consumption and natural resource depletion: can resource-rich low-income countries realize sustainable consumption paths? " has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Macroeconomics (

Economic Colloquium in Summer Term 2023

In the Summer Term 2023 the Economic Colloquium will take place in presence. On tuesdays from 4:15 to 5:45 pm there will be lectures, which can be attended on campus. The first lecture by Ivan Savin (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) on May 2nd will be: "A Global Survey of Scientific Consensus and…

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ECB-Working Paper

Angelina Hackmann and co-authors have published an ECB-Working Paper with the title Working Paper Series "Navigating the housing channel of monetary policy across euro area regions“.


Economic Colloquium Winter Term 2022/2023: Talk by Maik Schneider

On 31.01.2023 Maik Schneider from the University of Bath was a guest at the Economic Colloquium. The title of his talk was: "Inequality, openness and growth through creative destruction".

Gastvortrag Bundesbank

Guest lecture by Julia von Borstel (Deutsche Bundesbank) in the course "Macroeconomics"

Julia von Borstel (Deutsche Bundesbank) was a guest at the Department of Economics at the University of Bremen yesterday. As part of the course "Macroeconomics" she gave an exciting lecture on the topic „Herausforderungen für die Geldpolitik - Zwischen #Hochinflation und #Rezession. We are already…

Additional talk on January 10!

On January, 10th 2023, Raimund Bleischwitz, Scientific Director of the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) will give a talk on “Economic benefits from a green transformation: the case of steel recycling in China”.

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Second Talk-Economic Colloquium WT 22/23: Alex Lascaux

Unfortunately, we have to cancel Alexander Lascaux’s talk.

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Datascience in Economics

Starting this winter semester, we offer the course Datascience in Economics. This application-oriented course is designed to provide an insight into the world of Data Science. The course provides a first approach to topics like Data Scraping, Data Visualization, Machine Learning. In particular, we…