Research Topics

Reaktive Sprühtechnik


  • Reactor design with nozzle development and layout
  • Integrated aerosol processes (mixing, functionalization, material transformation in disperse state in the gas phase)
  • In-situ production of porous layers for highly sensitive and especially selective MOX gas sensors
  • Design of novel catalytic components
  • Design of novel batterie components
  • Design of nanomaterials for the investigation of specific nano-bio-interactions
  • Nanoparticles Aerosol Transport and deposition


Additive Fertigung

Processing of Functional Materials

  • Additive Manufacturing of Structural and Functional Materials
  • Liquid Metal and Chemical Dealloying
  • Design of Porous Functional Materials
  • 3D-printing of Magnetic Materials
  • Design of Materials for Catalysis
  • Design of Biomedical Materials
  • Design of Materials for Energy Storage

Multiphase Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer

  • Gas-particle interactions in disperse systems
  • Structure formation in multiphase flow systems
  • Jets and sprays
  • Atomization of complex rheological fluids
  • Particle production, conditioning and handling
  • Multiphase flow on and in porous structures
  • Heat and mass transfer in multiphase processes
  • Quenching and cooling processes
  • Ultrasonic applications in disperse systems


Sprühkompaktierung, Anlage

Metal Atomization and Spray Forming

  • Metal atomization and spray forming
  • Process analysis and process developmentI
  • Integrated spraying processes
  • Particle characterization
  • New alloys and composite materials
  • Coatings and material composites
  • Gradient materials
  • Process simulation and modelling
  • Powder characterization and conditioning