Multiphase Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer

Alexander Schulz im Labor

In the department "Multiphase Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer" the research activities are aiming to control processes for the production, handling and conditioning of disperse phases (for example  powders, particles or droplets) in liquid or solid form. The focus is on the analysis of the interaction processes at the phase interfaces of particles with their fluid environment, which are characterized by multi-phase momentum, heat and mass transfer processes.

Major applications of the investigations in this area are processes with sprays and jet flows from the production and handling of metallic and ceramic powders as well as spray compacting and thermal process technology.

Basic investigations in multiphase flow systems and practice-oriented questions of application in for example multiphase cooling processes in the context of heat treatment of metals are treated here.

For the scientific goals of the department "Multiphase Flow", laser-optical measurement methods of fluid and particle technology are developed and applied as tools in combination with numerical simulation calculations and modelling. Based on this, measures for process design and process optimization are derived and verified.