Competence orientation

The department’s lectures aim to raise the students’ awareness, that shaping a more sustainable development of the economy and society is not solely a question of the right mindset. All individuals and institutions need to create more complex decision-making processes and consider the decision premise of sustainability. In order to cope with this complexity, students are taught the necessary competences, which can be summarised as Sustainable Leadership. Competence orientation is not only the new requirement of the European Higher Education Area with its Bachelor and Master degree programs. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is also understood as a set of shaping competences needed by people at all proficiency levels to co-create a more sustainable development.

Of the 12 sub-competences that constitute the design competence for Sustainable Development, the following ones are particularly addressed in the teaching of the department:

  1. The competence to reflect on guiding principles
  2. The competence to cope with incomplete and highly complex information
  3. The competence to cope with individual decision dilemmas
  4. The competence to act morally
  5. The competence to cooperate
  6. The competence to gain interdisciplinary knowledge