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Academy of Continuing Education

  • Done with your studies? Time for continued eduaction!

    Let us inform you about the diverse opportunities for continued education at the University of Bremen now!

Continuing education is an important part of planning your career. The growth in knowledge and technology in nearly every industry is immense, so the skills and competences that you acquired in your degree program should be kept at that state-of-the-art level by participating regularly in further training.

For this reason, continuing education is a top priority at the University of Bremen. The Academy of Continuing Education is the central point of contact for any questions about further academic training. The Academy plans and implements options for continuing education together with the university departments and institutes. Here, in addition to professional quality, the focus is primarily on adult learning approaches and a practical orientation that supports knowledge transfer.

The University of Bremen – a place for life-long learning

Part-time master's degree courses

There are many ways to earn a master's degree. So now there are also some part-time master's program options at the University of Bremen. What makes these programs special is that they are able to combine academic work with a great deal of practical application. For example, for coursework and projects you often make use of your practical work experience. However, the academic side is not neglected, so you will be able to see your everyday professional work and the related processes in a whole new way.

If you have suitable professional qualifications and experience, some of the part-time master's degree programs even allow you to gain a master's degree without first having done a bachelor's degree!

Certificate courses

Longer term options for continuing education provide you with significant and sustainable momentum for career development. The options differ based on scope and cost. With most of the certificate courses, you earn credit points that are recognized throughout Europe which you can apply to other continuing education courses or a subsequent study program.

Options for job seekers

Providing continuing education options for job seekers is another emphasis. These options are for students who didn't finish their programs, people returning to the workplace, or those whose degree is not recognized in Germany. In a 12-month, full-time program they can earn a qualification in a promising career area in which there is high demand for skilled workers. A three-month internship following program completion provides significant practical experience and contacts to companies.

More information about our programs:

  • Education
  • Health & Care
  • Management, Law & Social
  • IT & Digital Media
  • UEnvironment & Engineering
  • For job seekers


Apply today!

A selection of the current programs:

  • Teaching skills for adult education
  • Nursing didactics
  • Work - Consultation - Organization
  • Software development and Software engineering
  • Introduction to environment and energy law
  • Project development, Environment - Energy - Sustainability
  • LIFE modules 
Mamia Lehbib, Participants

"I'm continuing my education because I want to improve my skills and have a secure job. This further training is simply perfect for me. Teamwork is highly valued."

Mamia Lehbib 
Continuing education program in software development and engineering

Julia Kette, Alumni

"Studying for my master's degree was quite an intense period. I learned a lot, worked a lot, and I felt challenged. And it was a really wonderful time."

Julia Kette
 Part-time master's degree course in "Inclusive pedagogy"

Daniel Decker, Student in continuing eduaction course

"The interdisciplinarity is super. Without the mediation training at the University of Bremen, I would never have experienced the perspectives and views of the other 15 participants."

Daniel Decker
Continuing education course in "Mediation"

Edda Busse, Student of continuing eduaction course

"Previously I tried to find a solution for my employees by myself. Now I ask the right questions so that they can help themselves. The methods and questioning techniques from the course are very important to this approach."

Edda Busse
 Part-time master's degree course in "Work – Consultation – Organization"


Sven Daniel, Student in continuing education course

"I personally learned an unbelievable amount by taking the master's degree program – above all, about myself. My view of the world has changed and my horizon has expanded significantly."

Sven Daniel
Part-time master's degree course in "Decision management"


Christiane Smidt, Student in continuing education course

"It isn't what the certificate says later on – it's the path that makes learning something special. That's why you should combine learning with enjoyment."

Christiane Smidt
 Continuing education course in "Teaching skills for adult education"


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