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Activity program on campus

„Bewegung in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie“

This short video explores the topic of exercise and physical activity during times of pandemic. Scientific studies have already revealed that this pandemic saw an increase in physical inactivity among the population. For example, there has been a decline in the intensity of physical exercise among children and young adults in particular. Inactivity can have both short- and long-terms consequences for our health, which is why it is important to get regular exercise and stay active even during pandemics. The video offers examples of how young and old can stay active – even during pandemics. The video contains contributions from Prof. Hajo Zeeb, Dr. Mirko Brandes, and Dr. Heide Busse from the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology – BIPS.

Contributed by Fachbereich 11 & Leibniz-Instituts für Präventionsforschung und Epidemiologie (BIPS)

Do sports together and experience something new!

University sport in Bremen forms a link between the university and the local population.  The special aspect is that external participants and students can play sports and exercise together in the sports courses. The sports courses range from acrobatics to yoga.

For more information, go to Hochschulsport.

Contributed by Verein für Hochschulsport e.V.


Flexible course planning and success-oriented training

As a member of the adh (German University Sports Federation) and a Partner University of Elite Sports, Uni Bremen actively supports students wishing to compete in university competitions both in Germany and abroad. The adh supports and encourages elite athlete students with the aim of facilitating the balancing act between studying and competing in elite sports for athletes on regional and national squads.  You can find further information here.

Contributed by Verein für Hochschulsport e.V.


University sports – Sporting activities for students during the pandemic and other difficult times

The position paper highlights the acute and long-term effects of the pandemic for students and the tasks of university sports. Both the health development of the participants under stressful conditions and the further development of the program offered are addressed together against this backdrop.

Download position paper

Status and perspectives – studies on views, needs, and tasks

University sports is a statutory institution making a contribution to the educational mission of the university and the promotion of health in our society with sporting activities. Students, staff, and external participants play sports and exercise together in the sports courses. “Sport für alle” (Sport for everyone) combines high-quality amateur sport, elite sport, and socially integrative programs. The study evaluates the effective course activities and discusses further actions.

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Contributed by Verein für Hochschulsport e.V.

Fitness and health training  – video for at home

University sport is presenting 30 minutes of fitness and health training for students “at home” to join in.
 The training will cover a broad range of coordination and conditioning exercises.
 You will need: Sportswear, space (approx. 2x2 m), bottle of water recommended.
 Coach: Kerstin Flohr  

Online courses the Verein für Hochschulsport e.V.:

Online courses can be joined at any time

Afrobeats, modern jazz dance, zumba, or Charleston? These rhythmic types of dance sports all have one thing in common: in times when live courses are not possible, they can also be taken as online university sports classes.

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... from the adh

Stay fit at home

As the university sports program across Germany is restricted at present, this site offers a range of different home-training videos from various universities and on a range of topics.  Stay fit – from short stints right up to professional workouts, there is something there for everyone.