Student Surveys

The University of Bremen conducts its own student surveys within the scope of quality assurance in the areas of teaching and learning. Bachelor students are surveyed in their 2nd and 6th semester and Master students in their fourth semester. The aim of the project is to secure and further develop the quality of studies at the University, both across the institution as a whole as well as in the individual Faculties and subjects.

Voluntary participation

We ask the students to participate in the survey and provide feedback on how they evaluate relevant aspects of their studies as well as how satisfied they are with the course of their studies so far. Participation in the survey is voluntary and can be terminated at any time. No disadvantage arises from not taking part or breaking off participation in the survey. The interviewees themselves can decide whether to answer the questions asked.


Personal data (mail address, name) are used to send out the invitations and the reminders to participate in the survey. This data is only used for the implementation of the survey and is deleted once this is done. The collected survey data contains neither the mail address nor the name used. It is not possible to link the given answers with the specific person. This is an anonymous survey.

Use of the survey data

The anonymous data sets are prepared in the Administrative Unit “Teaching and Learning” and submitted to the Faculties responsible for implementation of the Faculty-intern quality management systems via the study deans. The Center for Teacher Education receives the anonymous data of the students of teacher education and evaluates this for the purpose of quality assurance and quality management in the teacher education. The Teaching and Learning Unit carries out a comprehensive overall evaluation.


The University is aware that in exceptional cases, owing to specific response combinations it may be possible to draw conclusions on a participant’s identity. With this in mind, therefore, all employees of the University of Bremen who have access to the collected data are committed to data secrecy (confidentiality statement). Moreover, the survey data are not linked to other data stocks of the University and are not passed on to third parties.