Discontinuing Study Programs

The University Executive Board acting together with the Dean's Office may agree to initiate procedures for the closure of a study program. The assessment of the respective degree programs differs between Bachelor and Master, but also in relation to teaching subjects and so-called small subjects.

Occasions for the initiation of closing test procedures can be:

  • Target changes resulting from the State of Bremen’s university planning;
  • Change in the strategy of the University;
  • Profile change of the Faculty or scientific developments;
  • Changes in personnel capacity (e.g. discontinuation of professorships / discontinuation of cooperation agreements with partners);
  • Permanently failing to reach target numbers agreed in the perspective talks and when the program was established;
  • Deficits in the feasibility of studying the program;
  • Loss of accreditation.

Once the University Executive Board and the respective Office of the Dean have agreed to close a study program, the University Executive Board initiates the accordant procedure with the Academic Senate. No new students will be enrolled. The decision to finally close the program is taken formally by the Senate Department for Science, Health and Consumer Protection at the request of the University.