Further development of study programs

Changes to degree programs

Degree programs are subject to a permanent development process: from a minor change to a module to changes in admission requirements and examination regulations. Significant changes to the degree program may have to be approved by the University Executive Board. Here, it is advisable to seek early consultation with the teaching and learning unit.

Significant changes could include:

  • Change of program title;
  • Deletion / completion of a major field of study;
  • Change in study duration;
  • Change in staffing levels;
  • Comprehensive changes to entry requirements.


Program evaluation

Every eight years, all of the University’s degree programs undergo a program evaluation. The aim of the procedure for the evaluation of existing programs is the ongoing quality assurance and, if necessary, the possibility to make subsequent adjustments.

The Office of the Dean, represented by the respective Dean of Studies of the department operating the degree program, is responsible for the timely and proper implementation of the procedure. The coordination of procedures is carried out by the respective Study Center. The overall central coordination lies with the teaching and learning unit.

Documents for carrying out a program evaluation can be found in the Download Area.