... is an R package, which i.a. provides useful functions for formatting the results of statistical tests in the APA format. On the right is an example of how the result of t.test () is formatted with the schoRsch function t_out (). In addition, schoRsch offers e.g. functions for easy identification of outliers.

The latest version of schoRsch can be found here and further information can be found in: Pfister, R., & Janczyk, M. (2016). SchoRsch: An R package for analyzing and reporting factorial experiments. The Quantitative Methods for Psychology, 12 (2), 147-151. doi: 10.20982 / tqmp.12.2.p147


The package powerANOVA is intended as a companion to the article "A Tutorial on Using the Paired t-Test for Power Calculations in Repeated Measures ANOVA" (Langenberg et al., 2022). It is designed to assist researchers in calculating statistical power for repeated measures ANOVA where the variable of interest can be conceptualized as a difference variable (as it is the case with 2x2x... designs). The package is not on CRAN but is available on GitHub and can be easily downloaded and installed from there. The latest version and instructions can be found here. An interactive version of the package as a ShinyApp, without any installation requirements, can be found here.


Langenberg, B., Janczyk, M., Koob, V., Kliegl, R., & Mayer, A. (2022). A tutorial on using the paired t test for power calculations in repeated measures ANOVA with interactions. Behavior Research Methods, 1-18. https://doi.org/10.3758/s13428-022-01902-8