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Research Methods and Cognitive Psychology


... to the homepage of the work group "Research Methods and Cognitive Psychology" at the department of psychology of the University Bremen. This homepage is currently under construction and will be successively updated and filled with information. Our team will be expanding in the next couple of months so their homepage will also be updated accordingly. 

Much of our research deals with human action control and psychomotor, also in the context of multitasking - so if several tasks have to be processed simultaneously. In addition, we deal with the processing of presuppositions in linguistic usage as well as memory psychology questions. These fundamental scientific interests are rounded off by the transfer into the field of human factors and the processing of issues in the field of applied statistics. More about these topics can be found here or for reading in corresponding publications click here.

In teaching, the work group is responsible for student education in the areas of psychological research methods and statistics.

News Feed

22.2.2021: A new paper on the verification of presuppositions written by Cosima Schneider (Tübingen), Nadine Bade (Paris) and Markus Janczyk was accepted for publication in the Proceedings of Linguistic Evidence 2020.

15.10.2020: Work by Eva Röttger, Fang Zhao, Robert Gaschler (Hagen) and Hilde Haider (Köln) on task integration as a cause of the disruption of implicit sequence learning in multitasking has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Cognition.

09.10.2020: Cosima Schneider has successfully her Ph.D. thesis at the University of Tübingen. Congratulations!

01.10.2020: We welcome Ms. Vanessa Jurczyk and Ms. Lea Eichfelder to our working group! Ms. Jurczyk will support our team as a PostDoc, Ms. Eichfelder as a doctoral student. We are looking forward to a good cooperation!

25.8. 2020: A new paper on sequential modulations of Backward Crosstalk written by Carolin Schonard (Bielefeld), Rolf Ulrich (Tübingen) and Markus Janczyk was accepted for publication in Experimental Psychology.

19.8.2020: An article on similarities and differences between S1-R2 and R1-R2 Backward Crosstalk by Valentin Koob, Moritz Durst (Tübingen), Daniel Bratzke, Rolf Ulrich (Tübingen) and Markus Janczyk has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Cognition.

25.7.2020: A new article on the processes of presupposition processing by Cosima Schneider (Tübingen) and Markus Janczyk has been accepted for publication in Acta Psychologica.

12.6.2020: A new work on the representational basis for free-choice tasks by Markus Janczyk, Christoph Naefgen (Hagen) and Wilfried Kunde (Würzburg) was accepted for publication in Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics.

11.6.2020: Markus Janczyk was awarded the Wilhelm Wundt Society's Science Award for his achievements in basic psychological research. More information here.

30.5.2020: The third edition of the statistics textbook "Understanding Inference Statistics" by Markus Janczyk and Roland Pfister has been published. More information here.

4.5.2020: A theoretical article on the role of action effects for double task performance by Markus Janczyk and Wilfried Kunde (Würzburg) was accepted for publication in Psychological Review. The article summarizes the joint work of the last 10 years together and focuses on a previously overlooked aspect that can lead to problems with double tasks.

3.3.2020: Work by Fang Zhao, Robert Gaschler, David Olaf Nöhring (Hagen), Eva Röttger and Hilde Haider (Köln) on "sequential modulation of across-task congruency in the serial reaction time task" has been published in Acta Psychologica.

18.12.2019: Work by Cosima Schneider (Tübingen), Nadine Bade (Paris) and Markus Janczyk on capacity-limitations in presupposition processing has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Psycholinguistic Research.

2.12.2019: We welcome Valentin Koob as a new member of our group.

6.10.2019:  The DFG research group "Modal and Amodal Cognition: Functions and Interactions" (Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Barbara Kaup, Tübingen) was approved. Markus Janczyk is PI in the projects A2 "Modal and Amodal Representations in Planning and Control of Human Action" (together with Volker Franz, Tübingen) and A4 "Executive Functions: Are Control Processes Operating on Modal or Amodal Representations?" (according to Carolin Dudschig and Hartmut Leuthold, Tübingen). The aim of the research group is to comprehensively study the representational basis of different areas of human cognition.

1.10.2019: Dr. Eva Röttger joined our team as a postdoc.

21.8.2019: Moritz Durst (doctoral student in Tübingen) has defended his dissertation "excellent". Congratulations!

7.7.2019: An article on the processing of the (anti) presupposition of definite and indefinite articles by Cosima Schneider, Carolin Schonard, Gerhard Jäger (Tübingen), Michael Franke (Osnabrück) and Markus Janczyk was accepted for publication in cognition.

31.5.2019: The work on Speed-Accuracy Tradeoffs by Rene Liesefeld (LMU Munich) and Markus Janczyk got a blog post on the homepage of the Psychonomic Society ... more to read here.

7.5.2019: A new article by Rolf Ulrich (Tübingen) and Markus Janczyk was accepted in the journal Acta Psychologica. The article is about defining the time-space congruence effect over the extrinsic features of an act rather than the actor's end effector.

1.4.2019: Markus Janczyk took up the position at the University of Bremen.