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The aim of the project is the support of the integration of different software systems and their evolution. The intended results are a methodology and supporting tools for the integration, maintenance, and evolution that guarantee optimal results with respect to quality and costs. The software architecture as a basis for the integration is reconstructed using source code and other additional information provided e.g. by the developers. Furthermore runtime information is gathered and related to components of the architecture in order to be able to analyze performance aspects w.r.t. the chosen architecture.

Period: 01.2007-04.2008 und 01.2010-05.2011

Funding Body: Xerox Foundation


Prof. Dr.

Rainer Koschke

Institution Universität Bremen (Uni Bremen),
Institution Softwaretechnik (softtech)

Building/room: MZH 3070
Phone: +49-421-218-64481
E-Mail: koschkeprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
E-Mail: koschkeprotect me ?!informatik.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de