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Axivion GmbH

As a spin-off of the academically initiated Bauhaus project, the Axivion GmbH in Stuttgart develops commercial tools and offers professional services for the evolution and maintenance of existing software. An essential basis for this are the findings from the research in the Bauhaus project.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Experimentelles Software Engineering IESE Logo

Fraunhofer Institue for experimental Software-Engineering

The working group Software Engineering cooperates with the Fraunhofer Institue for experimental Software-Engineering in the context of the publicly founded BMBF-Project "ArQue - Architecture-centric Quality Engineering".


University of Waterloo, Canada

Together with Prof. Michael Godfrey and the Software Architecture Group (SWAG) we do research on software clones. The properties of clones and methods for clone management are ivestigated in regular research visits. This cooperation is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service.

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University of Stuttgart

The Bauhaus project is run in close collaboration between the German universities of Bremen and Stuttgart. In Stuttgart the Institute for Software Technology (ISTE) with its department for programming languages and compilers participates with a slightly different focus.