Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen


Storytime with: Elke Heyduck

Elke Heyduck, Managing Director of the Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen

WHY is the Arbeitnehmerkammer heavily committed to workers in the state of Bremen?

HERE’S WHY – The Arbeitnehmerkammer (chamber of employees) represents the interests of all non-self-employed workers, no matter what industry or occupation they are in. It has been doing this since 1921, which means we have taken a strong stand for a fair working world for 100 years now. This is important because power is still distributed unevenly in the labor market even today. Many young people cannot find an apprenticeship or job training. Others change direction later in life and are looking for advice about a career change or advancement. We give our 400,000 members concrete advice for their individual questions and involve ourselves politically in their interests.


WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen at the Arbeitnehmerkammer?

HERE’S WHY – Both institutions maintain a close relationship with each other. This relationship rests on a devotion to the living and working worlds that the university has practiced since its very beginnings. With the Centre for Labour and Political Education (zap) and the Institute for Labour and Economy (iaw), there are still two facilities where the university and Arbeitnehmerkammer cooperate closely. The collaboration with zap focuses on issues relating to education and education formats, while iaw performs academic groundwork through studies.