Bremen City Hall

Bremen City Hall

Storytime with: Andreas Bovenschulte

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Dr. Andreas Bovenschulte, Mayor

WHY does Bremen City Hall hold special importance for the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen?

HERE’S WHY – As the seat of the state government, Bremen City Hall is an important place for political decision-making and a symbol of democratic civic society of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. Not to mention, the city hall and Roland statue in the market square have been UNESCO World Heritage sites since 2004. The ensemble is a unique testimony to the development of civic autonomy and market rights as they evolved over centuries in Europe.

WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen in the city hall?

HERE’S WHY – On October 14, 1971, the University of Bremen was inaugurated during a special session of the founding senate in the city hall’s banquet room. Numerous university events to mark special occasions have since been held in the upper room of the city hall. Our university is an excellent research institution that stands for the impressive and dynamic growth in the scientific and research landscape in the state of Bremen. I have studied and earned a doctorate at the University of Bremen myself. I am also a member of the alumni association as I’m committed to ensuring that the university continues to have a bright future.