Bremen Parliament

Michel Iffländer (GfG) / Universität Bremen

Storytime with: Frank Imhoff

Tristan Vankann
Frank Imhoff, President of the Bremen Parliament

WHY is the University of Bremen always a topic for the Bremen Parliament?

HERE’S WHY -The University of Bremen was and is one of the biggest topics for Bremen. Almost nothing else has been debated so much and with such commitment in parliament, from its founding to its financing and facilities to its development. Even the social-liberal government coalition fell apart at the University of Bremen 50 years ago. As a result, the debates in parliament were heated. 

WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen at the Bremen Parliament?

HERE’S WHY - Our members of parliament support the University of Bremen. This is shown by the great number of proposals, debates, and enquiries. The Committee for Science, Media, Data Protection, and Freedom of Information primarily focuses on higher education, in other words with the University of Bremen and the higher education institutions in the state of Bremen. This especially concentrates on promoting research and teaching. And many of our members of parliament studied at the University of Bremen themselves.