bremer shakespeare company

Mitarbeitende der Shakespeare Company performen auf einer Bühne mit den Buchstaben aus dem Wort WARUM.

Storytime with: Peter Lüchinger

[Translate to English:] Vorstandsmitglied Peter Luechinger.
Peter Lüchinger is together with Dr. Eva Schöck-Quinteros responsible for the “From the Files onto the Stage” staged readings. He edits the texts of the original records for the stage version and also directs the readings.

WHY do the actors of the bremer shakespeare company read old files?

HERE’S WHY: All the world’s a stage – everyone plays a part. All the dramas and destinies of people can be portrayed on stage. We, the actors, give these roles voice, imagination, and emotion. We lead the audience into unfamiliar worlds of human stories. Countless records slumber in archives that are rarely made accessible to the public. These historical files and documents are brought to life through our voices in staged readings in the “From the Files to the Stage” project. 

WHY is a piece of the University of Bremen in the bremer shakespeare company?

HERE’S WHY: Students of the University of Bremen seek out and research these old files to find the traces that history has left behind. In this way, university historical research becomes visible outside the university and history is transformed into comprehensible, empathetic stories of people.

"A City at War: Bremen 1914 to 1918"