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Bürgerzentrum Vahr Bienen

Storytime with: Thorsten Kluss and Diren Senger

Bürgerzentrum Vahr
Thorsten Kluss, researcher and project supervisor; Diren Senger, research assistant at Cognitive Neuroinformatics

WHY does the Bürgerzentrum Neue Vahr use technology for environmentally friendly beekeeping?

HERE’S WHY – By using computer technology in beehives, it is possible to study honeybees without disturbing them. The goal is to use low-cost, everyday sensor technology and artificial intelligence to obtain an insight into the life of honeybees and enable minimally invasive apiculture (i.e., beekeeping). The honeybee is important not only as a diligent, hard worker in agriculture, but also as an indicator species within an ecosystem. This technology can additionally be used to link up beekeepers.


WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen in the Bürgerzentrum Neue Vahr apiary?

HERE’S WHY – There are now multiple research projects at the University of Bremen that are based on this smart core technology. For example, they study insect mortality and promote urban food production and alternative business models. There is a bee sensor kit and beekeeping app available for anyone interested, letting these technologies be used in many beehives as an apicultural guide or for research done by laypeople.