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Storytime with: Christoph Ranze

Christoph Ranze, Chief Executive Officer of encoway GmbH

WHY does encoway help to find the right choice from among 1028 options?

HERE’S WHY – In many markets, skillfully satisfying individual customer needs is very important. Whether it be buying a car, signing up for insurance, or ordering a new internet connection, customers choose from a range of options online to put together a desirable product that suits them. This principle is also widely applied in industrial settings. However, how can this choice be made if, for example, a gear motor can be made in millions of different variants and versions? Well, this is what encoway’s expert software helps with. By using the configuration tool, dealing with complex products or large numbers of variants is made child’s play.


WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen in encoway?

HERE’S WHY – encoway GmbH is a classic spin-off venture from the University of Bremen. In a cooperative project run by the Technology Center Informatics and Information Technology and industry partner Lenze SE, we were able to develop AI technologies to process highly complex product systems. We developed a business plan together with Lenze and I had the chance to put it into action. Working with far more than 200 colleagues today – many of whom graduates of the University of Bremen – we are continuing this success story.