German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)


Storytime with: young researchers at DFKI

Christina Cociancig, Malte Wirkus, Muhammad Hassa, Luis Octavio Arriaga Camargo

WHY is the DFKI in Bremen developing artificial intelligence for people?

HERE’S WHY: From robots for use in high-risk environments to systems for rehabilitation after a stroke and reliable electronics for self-driving vehicles and smart homes, the technologies developed at the DFKI site in Bremen support people in various areas of their lives and work. The Robotics Innovation Center combines artificial intelligence methodology with cutting-edge robotics and develops mobile systems that perform complex tasks autonomously. The security and precise design of smart, networked systems is the focus in the Cyber-Physical Systems research area.

WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen at the DFKI in Bremen?

HERE’S WHY: The DFKI in Bremen has been working closely with the Robotics working group and Computer Architecture working group (AGRA) since its establishment. Young researchers like us, Christina Cociancig, Muhamad Hassan, Luis Octavio Arriago Camargo, and Malte Wirkus have benefitted from this successful symbiosis and have decided to combine their work at the DFKI with a doctorate at the university.

WHY is the DFKI in Bremen developing artificial intelligence for people?