HERE AHEAD – Academy for Higher Education Access Development


Storytime with: Christina von Behr

Christina von Behr, Managing Director of HERE AHEAD

WHY does HERE AHEAD prepare young people from around the world to study in Bremen?

HERE’S WHY – Studying in Germany is different from many countries inside and outside Europe. For example, we study critical questions in research right from the first semester. Organizing yourself independently, working academically – these are all things that need to be learned. Along with German at C1 level, of course. Many countries high-school diplomas are also not recognized in Germany, either. We offer specialist preparation for this and an admission test for Bremen. Bremen also benefits from our work, with the mutual learning – of different cultures and languages – being particularly exciting.


WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen at HERE AHEAD?

HERE’S WHY – HERE AHEAD is a partnership between all public higher-education institutions in Bremen. It is based on campus and is organized as part of the university. Its admission test is valid for all of Bremen’s public higher-education institutions. Many of its team members and teaching staff come from the university and many graduates go on to study at the university. That means that there is a great deal of the University of Bremen embedded in HERE AHEAD, and there is a bit of HERE AHEAD in the University of Bremen too.