Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering – IWT

Michel Iffländer (GfG) / Universität Bremen

Storytime with: Hakan Aycil

Michel Iffländer (GfG) / Universität Bremen
Hakan Aycil, Research Associate, MPA Bremen

WHY is MPA Bremen, a division of Leibniz-IWT, developing special walls for the Borgfeld recycling station?

HERE’S WHY – At the Official Materials Testing Institute of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (MPA Bremen), research is being conducted into new and optimized solutions for recycling building materials. The interior walls in the entrance area of the recycling station are made entirely of special recycled products that have never before been used in a construction project. The material used to manufacture the recycled products (masonry brick and masonry mortar) is aerated concrete. This very light building material has good insulating properties. After its primary use, aerated concrete has always been landfilled up till now. But MPA Bremen’s innovation makes it possible to recycle aerated concrete and create value from demolition waste. This saves our natural resources and relieves our landfills.

WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen in Leibniz-IWT?

HERE´S WHY – Leibniz-IWT is located on campus at the University of Bremen, offering lecture courses for the degree programs Production Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Process Engineering.