Kunsthalle Bremen

Michel Iffländer (GfG) / Universität Bremen

Storytime with: Dorothee Hansen

Christina Kuhaupt
Dr. Dorothee Hansen, Deputy Director and custodian of Kunsthalle Bremen

WHY does the Kunsthalle Bremen research its own collection?

HERE’S WHY - Kunsthalle Bremen is a research institution just like the university. A current research project revolves around Edouard Manet’s portrait of Zacharie Astruc and how the artists mutually inspired each other. The detailed research of the museum’s key works creates the content of the exhibition. At the same time, new findings are recorded in a catolog, so that the knowledge is available for everybody. With this work, the art gallery makes important contributions to unexplored areas of art history.


WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen at Kunsthalle Bremen?

HERE’S WHY - Our way of working is linked to the scientific work taught at the university. Subject literature is evaluated, archives are found, and analyses are formulated. We are holding seminars together with the University of Bremen in which research findings are presented to students in front of original works. In another seminar, students are involved in organizing the event called Kunstrausch. The topic of the next Kunstrausch is the exhibition “Manet and Astruc. Artists and Friends.” (from October 23, 2021).