Mercedes-Benz Plant Bremen

Michel Iffländer (GfG) / Universität Bremen

Storytime with: Christian Heßling

Michel Iffländer (GfG) / Universität Bremen
Christian Heßling, project engineer for innovation management in the Toolmaking department, Mercedes-Benz Plant Bremen

WHY is the Mercedes-Benz Plant Bremen constantly developing?

HERE’S WHY - After the foundation of the plant was laid in Sebaldsbrück over 80 years ago, Mercedes-Benz automobiles have been produced there since 1978. Since then, the site has permanently changed. With a sense of passion and artisanal perfection, the staff there works for customers around the world. The plant was the pioneer of the new generation of all-electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz with the EQC. This path toward alternative drive systems is systematically being pursued, setting the course for the future of automotive engineering in Bremen. 

WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen at the Mercedes-Benz Plant Bremen?

HERE’S WHY - Automobile production is undergoing the greatest transformation in its history, and environmentally friendly manufacturing and electromobility are key factors. Lightweight materials for the automotive industry were developed in a cooperation with the university spanning a number of years. Due to their lower weight, for example, compared to steel and their recyclability, they are becoming increasingly important. In the project “Thermoplastische Faserkunststoffverbunde” (Thermoplastic Fiber Composites), prototypes for interior door components were produced whose suitability is now being tested for series production.