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Storytime with: Fabian Stichnoth and Tobias Recke

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Dr. Fabian Stichnoth and Dr. Tobias Recke are the founders and managing directors of Smart Insights GmbH.

WHY did channeling their inner children help the smart insights® team to launch their company?

HERE’S WHY: Anyone with a small child will know that they are always asking questions – and that is what we at smart insights® do every day. As a market research institute, our mission is to answer our customers’ questions, no matter how big or small, in order to drive forward important company decisions. Whether they involve a new business model, an altered brand environment, planned product or service innovations, or migrating employees, we ask the right people the right questions to get the right answers.

WHY is a there a bit of the University of Bremen in smart insights GmbH?

HERE’S WHY: Asking the right questions and finding out WHY at the right moment requires the right knowledge. The University of Bremen not only gave us valuable knowledge during our studies and doctorates – it was also the birthplace of smart insights®. Even today, we maintain the idea of academic exchange and support the University of Bremen in seminars and beyond with our market research know-how.