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Theater Bremen

Theater Bremen

Storytime with: Michael Börgerding

Theater Bremen
Michael Börgerding, General Manager of Theater Bremen

WHY does Theater Bremen talk with its audience both on- and offstage?

HERE’S WHY – Theater Bremen wants to maintain a dialogue with the locals – the experts in day-to-day life in Bremen – on topics concerning freedom, democracy, the city, and theater. It is for this reason that we are changing perspectives not just onstage but also in many other conversational formats. The fact that many theaters in Germany are financed by the Federal Government, the state or, in our case, the city, is a great democratic asset. This creates a space not just for artistic freedom but also one where locals can enter into dialogue.


WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen at Theater Bremen?

HERE’S WHY – The theater depends on specialists, scientists, artists, creatives, and the experts in day-to-day life. We need their experiences, knowledge, and questions. The University of Bremen and Theater Bremen are places that are rich in tradition and state of the art, places where there is space to reflect on oneself and society and make one’s mark. This means that they are in close cooperation with one another.