Storytime with: Wolfgang Kirst

Wolfgang Kirst, Principal of Wilhelm-Focke-Oberschule

WHY is “Research” on the class schedule at Wilhelm-Focke-Oberschule?

HERE’S WHY – We humans have an innate urge to make findings about things. All children want to learn how to understand the world and find their bearings within it. The urge to research begins at birth, so to speak. The questions that our school students ask and the interests they have are varied. How often will the virus (Covid-19) be able to mutate? (Jakob, 11) Can plants talk to each other? (Mila, 11) Where does space end? (Jan, 11) This is why Wilhelm-Focke-Oberschule developed practical units of study for research, and they are inspiring enthusiasm.


WHY is a there a bit of the University of Bremen at Wilhelm-Focke-Oberschule?

HERE’S WHY – We were a “School in Colored States” for four years (2016 – 2020). The University of Bremen’s academic staff joined our teachers to develop new units of study and teach a themed learning pathway. This study focused on research in fields such as technology. The results of this enriching partnership live on today in our follow-on researcher classes – research-based learning is a big deal for us.

How the University Motivates a School to Carry Out Research

The Wilhelm-Focke-Oberschule school has been connected to the University of Bremen for many years now: Since 2017, the school has had a so-called researcher class. Find out where you can find a piece of the uni there and why the school team is so enthralled by the campaign. Read more in our online magazine up2date.