Laboratory equipment

Research Lab

The classical experimental laboratory has twelve modern, sight-protected computer cabin places as well as two ceiling-mounted monitors (20-inch) for a simple visualization of relevant content. In addition, we have a constantly updated pool of volunteers available for carrying out experiments. The technical equipment includes:

Hardware Research Lab:
  • 12 Desktop-PC (Prozessor: AMD Ryzen 5)
  • 1 laboratory manager PC (Prozessor: AMD Ryzen 7)
  • Two 20-inch screens on the wall
Software Research Lab:
  • Windows 10
  • Java
  • ORSEE (Recruitment-Software)
  • Z-Tree (standard experiment-Software)

Policy Lab

The Policy Lab offers space for at least 20 people. It is used to conduct laboratory-based group experiments, to visualize data and simulations for groups of volunteers, and for the interactive participation of stakeholders in the research process. Three 75" monitors are available in the Policy Lab. These can be used by the participants for direct interaction. A separate desktop computer ensures that even more complex applications, such as simulations, are displayed on the corresponding monitors. A permanently installed white board can also be used. The technical equipment includes:

Hardware Policy Lab:
  • Three 75-inch monitors
  • 1 desktop PC (can control two of the three screens)
  • Permanently installed white board
Software Policy Lab
  • Windows 10 (incl. Office)
  • Java
  • Pingo (Participative online voting procedure)
  • Mental Modeler (Software for "Fuzzy-logic Cognitive Mapping")
  • SKIN (agent-based simulation platform)