Research field 3: Economic Psychology

The psychological experiment is a scientific research approach that is hallmarked by a description of test conditions, repeatability, the manipulation of the independent variable and the control of confounding variables. Usually, the test persons are assigned to a treatment group (people receive the treatment) or a control group (no treatment). In this way, effects of the manipulated variable (treatment) on the dependent variable can be analysed under controlled conditions.

The research area “Economic and Organizational Psychology” mainly deals with analyses of human experience and behaviour within economic environments, social relationships and work related contexts. A particular focus is on the behaviour of single persons in a team and the team performance, especially within so-called High Responsibility Teams. The BreLAB offers ideal research conditions in order to investigate research questions like this within experiments.

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Vera Hagemann

WIWI 1 Building, Room A 2300
Phone: +49 (0)421 218-66750
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