The Health Management of the University of Bremen is based upon the operating agreement on health management of bremens public service.

For the strategic controlling of the university's Workplace Health Management (WHM), the steering committee is in charge. 

Working groups within this steering committee, such as the core team of the employee survey, cover specific subjects.

The staff unit Health Management coordinates all activities of the WHM

The principles of Health Management


Behavioural and environmental prevention

Reduction of health risks respectively buildup of health resources and protective factors.


Active involvement of the employees when it comes to analysing working conditions. 

Effective Project Management 

WHM as cross-sectional task, which profits by the methods of project management.


Health targets and health tasks are being anchored in the personnell policy. Leaders and managers track those aspects systematically. 

WHM core processes as learning cycle


Lernzyklus Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement mit Analyse, Planung, Intervention und Evaluation

Members of the Steering Committee


Staff Office Health Management

Human Resources Department

Human Resources Development

Occupational Safety

Company Medical Service

State and University Library

Staff Council

Central Women's Representative

Women's representative for the service sector

BEM representative (at the same time person of trust for severely disabled people)

Signs for orientation.