Mental Health

Auf weißem Hintergrund sind in Buchstabenperlen die Worte Mental Health aufgereiht. Rechts davon kann man eine Pflanze erkennen

Being mentally healthy means working sucessfully!

To keep you as employees of the University of Bremen enduringly healthy, the Workplace Health Management (WHM) employs a range of measures that maintain and promote your well-being and performance. 

Because being mentally healthy has a great impact on your efficiency in your professional and private life.

Eventually you will be able to boost your creativity and concentration and achieve more.

On this Website you will find tips and strategies on how to manage your everyday working routines in a healthy and successful way. The content is the result of a collaborative project between the Welcome Center, BYRD and Techniker Krankenkasse.

The workshop series "Strategies, Motivation and Health" with Dr. Nadine Binder continues. On the flyer you will find the topics, dates and access data.

Strategies, Motivation, Health

Structure and Breaks

Working from home is a challenge, especially when it comes to structuring work processes. What is a sensible structure and how important are breaks?


Learn more about a structured working day and a relaxing break design.

Inner Allies

We all have an inner team of voices within us. If we manage to organize these voices as our own team leader, we can control our own behavior in critical situations.

Learn more about strategies to prevent inner critical voices.


The boundaries between work and leisure are very important for a good work-life balance. How can healthy boundaries between work and private life be based on my personal preferences and needs and how can I promote it?

More information on building boundaries between work and leisure.

New Perspectives

A conscious change of perspective can help to break through habitual patterns of thought and behavior and thus receive suggestions for questions of reflection that help you to actively take on new perspectives.

How to define and adopt new perspectives.


Practicing gratitude has a major impact on people's mental and physical health. A positive attitude, for example, leads to more stress resistance and can thus have a positive effect on the work mentality.


Integrating more gratitude into everyday life.

Online Tools for Stress Management


How stressed am I?

The stress test of the PsyGA project for managers and employees can help you to make an initial assessment.

Click on the picture to go to the test (German)

Eine Frau mit Dutt steht seitlich vor einer Steinwand und hält sich ein aufgeschlagenes Buch vors Gesicht

How are you ?

Talking about mental health is worthwhile! The campaign "How are you?" from Switzerland raises awareness and provides very concrete tips for conversations and gives impulses for the psyche

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