Services of the WHM

Analysis and Counseling

The staff unit Workspace Health Management (WHM) supports organisational units in analyzing working conditions in terms of ressources and workload. It also advises in the planning and implementation of certain measures. An approach, specifically tailored to your field and based on the standards of the Workplace Health Management, will be developed. The WHM typically works with participative approaches, such as: 

  • Work situation analysis 
  • Health workshop
  • Health circle 

To Learn more, please contact the Staff Unit WHM.

Ergonomic workplace design

Ergonomic counseling 

The Administrative Unit 02: Labor, Health and Environmental Protection and Administrative Unit 09: Occupational Safety are counseling employees on ergonomic workplace design. Which Administrative Unit is in charge of me?

Ergonomic work equipment

In certain cases the university provides ergonomic work equipment to employees. You can find further information on ergonomic work equipment on the website of the university doctor.

Healthy Eating

5 tips for healthy snacks in the home office

This video from the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology gives practical tips on how to implement a healthy diet in your home office. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have increasingly been working from home and spending a large part of their time in one place, sometimes even at the kitchen table. This video is focussing on how to eat helathy snacks during your work. Two nutritionists from the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS show specific tips and examples for the preparation of healthy snacks.

You can watch the video here (only available in german)

TK brochure on healthy eating

With the help of this brochure from Techniker Krankenkasse, you can get an overview of the most important aspects of healthy eating. You can find the brochure here (only available in german)

Stress Relaxation

Mobile Massager

For an acute treatment of neck and shoulder pain, mobil massagers can be borrowed at the university. Members of the faculties are asked to contact their particular Faculity Administration. Employees of the Central Administration may borrow a mobil massager at the Staff Unit WHM. Terms of borrowing massagers from the Central Administration. (only available in german)

Room of Tranquility

The Room of Tranquility provides a place of silence, rest, meditation and prayer. It invites you to take a moment of me-time. You can find more information on the websites of Diversity Management.

Mental Health

Mental Health Website

In order to keep you as an employee of the University of Bremen healthy and thus create a good work-atmosphere, the Workspace Health Management offers various opportunities to promote your mental health. This new website provides you with tips and strategies on how to work healthy and successfully. We also provide you with further research and prepare the information from the Mental Health Impulse Workshops for you.

Click here to get to the new Mental Health Website

Impulse Workshop Series on Mental Health

In cooperation with the Welcome Center and BYRD, the Corporate Health Management offers a series of impulse workshops on the topic of "Strategies, Motivation and Health". The 2-hour workshops are led by Dr. Nadine Binder and are a low-threshold offer to deal with topics related to motivation and mental health in a relaxed setting.

Here you can find the flyer, with the topics, dates and access data.

Training and Information

Kopfschmerzwissen / Learning about headache

The campaign "Kopfschmerzwissen" gives you diverse information on headache. You will learn about the three leading causes of headache and practical ways to prevent it. Here you can find the campaign website.


Everyday work has changed a lot due to the Pandemic. Many employees are spending a large part of their working time in their home offices. We want to support you in these times of change. With our Supply of information you can find ways to create a healthy workplace, whether at home or in the office. 



Short video: "Movement in times of the Corona Pandemic" by BIPS

This video shows scientifically based contributions on the implementation of exercise during a pandemic. Click here to watch the video (only available in german)

Activity Break at work

A guided, 15-minute Activity Break in teams at your workplace. Here you can find information on the Activity Break at the University

Cooperation with university sports 

20% discount on the course fee and pre-emptive rights for employees. In order to receive this bonus you need to sign up for university sports via E-Mail. Please specify your personnel number, IBAN, course name and the time and date of the course. You can find the sports offers on the websites of university sports. 

Corporate Fitness - Qualitrain

For only 41€ a month you you get the chance to do sports in more than 800 studios (gym, swimming pools, dance classes, yoga, crossfit etc.) of the leading corporate fitness provider. Further information on corporate fitness can be found here (only available in german)