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VL Einführung in die Zellbiologie 02-02-BIO2-1 (WS)

Praktikum Einführung in die Zellbiologie 02-02-BIO2-2 (WS)

VL Molekulare Zellbiologie 02-02-MBW3-1 (SS)

VL Current Research Topics in Molecular Biosciences 02-02-PM2Mol2 (WS)

VL Faszination Biowissenschaften 02-02-GS3 (WS)



VL + S Basics in Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology 02-317-7-400a (WS)

VL + S Methods for Biomolecular Research 02-317-7-pilot1 (WS)

VL + S Organismic Models for Bioscience Research 02-317-7-pilot2 (WS)

Practical course in Module D: Proteostasis in C. elegans (SS: 30.6.-17.7.)

Laboratory Rotations 02-317-8-402a/b (SS)

Workshop Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 02-317-7-403c (WS)

Colloquium in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 02-DOC-28

Practical course: Molecular Methods in Neurosciences – Proteostasis in
C. elegans (SS: 30.6.-17.7.) 02-M18-408b