VL Einführung in die Zellbiologie 02-02-BIO2-1 (WS)

Praktikum Einführung in die Zellbiologie 02-02-BIO2-2 (WS)

VL Molekulare Zellbiologie 02-02-MBW3-1 (SS)

VL Current Research Topics in Molecular Biosciences 02-02-PM2Mol2 (WS)

VL Faszination Biowissenschaften 02-02-GS3 (WS)


I participate as Mentor for the follwoing programs:


ASPIRE:Advanced Science career development Program for Innovation and REsearch of the MDC, Berlin

The Academic Leadership 

More infromation can be found here

Mentee: female postdoc of the MDC


Mentoring Program of the Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin) for students receiving a Deutschlandstipendium

More infromation can be found here

Mentee: male MSc student of the FU Berlin



If you're interested to join our lab for your BSc or MSc thesis, contact Janine Kirstein. Please contact me at least 2 months ahead of your proposed starting time of your thesis. 

Our lab uses biochemical approaches to study the remodelleing of disease-associated amyloid proteins by molecular chaperones in vitro as well as cell biological and genetic methods to analyze modifiers of proteotoxicity of disease proteins in cells or in vivo in C. elegans. Please check out our research and publications to gain more insight and let me know if you cannot access publications from our lab as I can then send you the respective pdfs. 


Recent BSc theses from our group:

"In vitro Analysis of interaction between the chaperone DNAJB1 and Huntingtin Exon1-Q48"

"The influence of HSP-110 on the aggregation and toxicity of Amyloid β peptides in C. elegans"


Recent MSc theses from our group:

"Binding of the Huntington peptide HttExon1Q48 to the chaperone DNAJB1 - a classical molecular dynamics approach" (supervised together with Susan Köppen)

"The role of the molecular chaperone DNJ-13 in counteracting Ab1-42 toxicity in the novel Alzheimer's disease model in C.elegans"

"Analysis of the effect of the molecular chaperone DNJ-13 on the Ab pathology in C. elegans"

"Analysis of the effect of unc-11 on the aggregation and pathology of Ab1-42 in C. elegans"



VL + S Basics in Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology 02-317-7-400a (WS)

VL + S Methods for Biomolecular Research 02-317-7-pilot1 (WS)

VL + S Organismic Models for Bioscience Research 02-317-7-pilot2 (WS)

Practical course in Module D: Proteostasis in C. elegans (SS: 30.6.-17.7.)

Laboratory Rotations 02-317-8-402a/b (SS)

Workshop Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 02-317-7-403c (WS)

Colloquium in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 02-DOC-28

Module F: Project Proposal