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Should technical problems occur when filling in the form, please send your application by e-mail to Ms. Hasenmüller:

Application to Bremen-Cardiff Alliance Collaborative Fund

Please complete the joint application form in consultation with your collaborator in Cardiff/Bremen and submit it online.

Letters of support from respective Dean of Faculty/Head of School/Division Director of both institutions will be required to accompany the application – one each for the University of Bremen applicant(s) and Cardiff University applicant(s). The letters need to confirm the institutional support for the proposal and any specific arrangements to be put in place locally to support the proposed activities.

Before completing this application form, please have the two letters of support ready as .pdf files to be uploaded.
Please note that that it is unfortunately not possible to work on the online application in different stages as intermediate steps in the application process cannot be stored temporarily. We therefore would recommend developing the application as a word document and cut and paste the information to the relevant sections on the online form when you are ready to submit.

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Datei auswählen

SECTION 1 – University of Bremen applicant details

SECTION 2 – Cardiff University applicant details

SECTION 3 – Details of the proposed activity

Note on the suggested length of visits

Exchanges of academic staff, postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, teaching, technical and professional services staff, for the purposes of organisation of workshops, seminars and sharing of best practice: Up to one week

Exchanges of academic staff and postdoctoral researchers for the purpose of research stays, preparation of joint funding bids and publications: Between one week and three months

Visiting PhD student exchanges for the delivery of collaborative research: Between one month and 12 months

March Call – intended for visits in Autumn/Winter

October Call – intended for visits in Spring/Summer


SECTION 4 – Budget

Please provide a breakdown of costs up to a maximum total of Euro/Sterling 10,000 per proposal.

Budgets for extended research stays and visiting PhD student exchanges will be capped at maximum Euro/Sterling 1,000 per month.

Expenditure requested for University of Bremen applicants and for local costs in Bremen, to be met by University of Bremen, should be given in Euros. (If not applicable, leave blank.)

Expenditure requested for Cardiff University applicants and for local costs in Cardiff, to be met by Cardiff University, should be given in Sterling. (If not applicable, leave blank.)



Travel expenses need to be calculated according to the applicants’ respective guidelines.
University of Bremen applicants: Bremer Reisekostengesetz.
Cardiff University applicants: Policies for Expenses

Please nominate one main contact for the application. This person can be at either institution and will receive confirmation of the application submission.