PhD Grants - incoming

The MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes invites international PhD students to apply for short-term research grants to spend a limited period of time (one week to one month) at the University of Bremen within the group of a MAPEX member. Incoming doctoral students can receive travel and subsistence support for activities that clearly contribute to an added value of their PhD research, such as additional experiments, instrumental training, interdisciplinary projects and cooperation, or networking in the respective scientific community.


The grants are eligible to PhD students (and master students close to graduation) from abroad. Any MAPEX Principal Investigator or Early Career Investigator is eligible as the host.


Funding is available for activities lasting between 1 week (minimum) and 1 month (maximum).

The grants include:
(1) a contribution to the travel costs up to maximum rates set in accordance to the DAAD “Reisekostenpauschalen”;
(2) a flat-rate allowance for subsistence expenses of 60 € per day, a maximum of 300 € per week and a maximum of 1000 € per month.

The sum of (1) and (2) will be limited to a maximum of 2000 € in all cases.

After their research stay the candidates must provide a short written report (1 to 2 A4 pages) to the MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes. Furthermore, they must provide a short paragraph summarizing their experience and a picture for the MAPEX website.


Applications need to be submitted in electronic form (see below) to the MAPEX executive board, represented by its science manager, Dr. Hanna Lührs, no later than one month  before the envisaged start of the research stay.

A commission appointed by the MAPEX executive committee will decide whether to fund the proposal or not, depending on the scientific qualification of the candidate, the quality of the proposed project and availability of funding. It is expected that 4 proposals can be funded in 2022.

All proposals fulfilling the formal requirements are considered for funding. If the number of submitted proposals exceeds the available financial resources, funding is granted via a random selection process (by lot). Precedence is given to PhD candidates whose supervisor has not yet benefitted from an outgoing MAPEX Research Grant for members of her/his group.

The result of the proposal assessment and the amount of granted funds will be communicated to the applicant and the MAPEX hosting group usually within three weeks from the receipt of the proposal.


Please create a single PDF document comprising the following documents:

  1. Text of the proposal following the guideline and not exceeding two A4 pages
  2. Proof that you are actively pursuing a PhD (MSc) at your home university or research institution
  3. Curriculum Vitae including a list of publications and conference contributions.
  4. Letter of recommendation of your PhD (MSc) supervisor.
  5. Letter of recommendation of the MAPEX host, including a statement confirming that the facilities as well as the workspace needed to realize the proposed project will be available from the start and for the entire period of the envisaged stay.
  6. A signed declaration that
    - The candidate agrees to adhere to the standard rules of good scientific practice, as set for instance by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.
    - In case of publication of results obtained during the research stay, funding through the MAPEX PhD research grant will be explicitly acknowledged.

Only those applications which comply with the formal rules will be considered for funding.

Complete applications need to be submitted per email to:

Dr. Hanna Lührs

mapexprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Proposals can be submitted any time.


Hanna Lührs
IW3, Room 2230
Phone: +49-421-218-64580

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