CV Sascha Frühholz

Born 1973 in Augsburg, he finished school in 1993. After fifteen month of community service he started studying mechanical engineering (aeronautics- and spaceflight-technique) at the Technical University of Munich in Octobre 1994 that he quit in March 1996 to start studying pedagogy at the University of Augsburg.

After doing his diploma in pedagogy (main subject: adolescent and adult education) he studied psychology at the Universities of Hamburg and Bremen and finished his studies in January 2006 (diploma-thesis: »Interference in processing of affective conflicts in a pictorial task-design«, Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Dr. M. Herrmann, Dr. T. Fehr).

Since February 2006 he works as a research associate for the Department of Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurobiology at the University of Bremen.